Shop For Unique Hand-Woven Fabrics & Sarees At This Handloom Store

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    Looking at picking up something to wear keeping in mind the soaring temperature? You must head to Purvi Handlooms, a shop that supports artisans from all across the country, which deals in hand-woven fabrics.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Having been around since 1993, today Purvi Handlooms is a very popular household name for hand-woven textiles in the city. From kalamkari and Ikat dupattas to Tussar silk dupattas, you will find something to wear for every occasion, be it work, a special function or otherwise. 

    They're extremely comfy, light and breathable fabrics that don't block ventilation when you wear them {just what you need in this heat, don't you?}.

    They also have Chanderi {INR 3,000}, cotton {INR 2,000}, and Ikat silk {INR 3,800} suit sets; you can pick up a few for the summers/monsoons. If you love sarees, they have newly introduced Madhubani {INR 3,000+} and Madurai {INR 2,000+} sarees to appease the desi in you.


    If you're a fan of stocking up on all things handmade, Purvi Handloom is definitely up your alley.

      Available Online