Want To Be A Published Author? This Organisation Will Make Your Dream Come True

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Friends, we have found the perfect place for you to take your manuscripts to – Qitaab, a self-publishing boutique studio. Intrigued? Read on.

What Makes It Awesome

All writers have sighed at the thought of taking the publishing route because of all the potential paperwork and formalities that it ensues. But if you have a ready manuscript that you would have eventually published on your own anyway, we suggest you get in touch with Qitaab immediately and let them take over. They will take your work, process it, design it, publish it, and also manage distribution – in both print and digital formats. Equipped to handle English, Indic, and some of the European languages, Qitaab does minimalistic designs that they sell digital copies of on their own website, and have plans to tie-up with some of the leading bookstores to retail physical copies. What’s even better is that their publishing is environmentally sound – they source their paper responsibly which is recyclable. Further, their packaging is PVC free. 10 points to Qitaab for steering clear of plastic, and using all things degradable. You can contact them through a really simple contact form on their website, and they will get back to you with a plan for your book. As for the cost, it depends on what your requirements and the vision for your work are.

Pro Tip

Have you been hoarding your writings in a notebook, occasionally posting them on social media? We suggest you compile your work and earn the legit author tag. Here’s your chance to actually take your hard work to finality, to make it count, to turn it into a hard-bound book with your name neatly etched on it, all done by Qitaab in a systematic manner. Get going, already.

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