Hit Up These 4 Brands That Are Promoting Individuality & Self Love Through Art!

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ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to provide a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s queer community, at  Queer Made.  

With Queer Made, we hope to enable and empower queer, entrepreneurial voices. We’ve come across some unique businesses which you can explore and shop from! This curation aims to celebrate artwork in all its forms, whether it’s digital illustrations or handmade products. Take a look!

Splotches - Semanti

Finding art in the littlest of things from street lights to plants to beautiful sunsets, Semanti is an artist who loves to experiment with different surfaces and media (from acrylic paintings to digital illustrations). She created Splotches with the aim to bring all art lovers together via portraits, stickers, art prints, customised collages and much more. Her favourite themes to explore through her art are queer politics and feminism. Check out her artwork, and we’re sure you will end up buying some!


A full-time graphic designer, digital illustrator, writer and founder of an NGO, say hello to Mumbai-based Shruti. One to don multiple hats, she is constantly in search of creating something new. On one such quest, she realised her talent for papercutting which she turned into a fundraiser for various organisations. And that’s not all! She also writes and performs poetry, makes clay figurines, and crochets. What keeps her interests fuelled is her passion for intersectional feminism, mental health and body positivity, which all translate to her artwork and literature. With a plethora of talents, you can truly take your pick whether it’s the illustrations or the poetry, or even the crochet!

My Little Plums - Mei


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A visual artist/illustrator based in Delhi, Mei started My Little Plums to provide a space for people who are going through the same joys and pains as they are. My Little Plums was started to bring their self made animal characters to life, as a way of self expression. Whether it’s frogs promoting queer love or a penguin and chicken cosplaying being bored of living the same life over and over again, we can’t help but fall in love with how relatable they are. Mei welcomes freelance commissions and sells their art in the form of art prints and stickers.

Ms Alwar - Sangeetha

An English professor based in Bangalore, Sangeetha Alwar is a self taught illustrator specialising in social media creatives, brand logos and personalised digital portraits amongst many others. Her recent illustration celebrating Loki’s bisexuality is beautiful and not to mention, fun! From standing up against fat shaming to her views on menstrual cups, her Instagram page will give you plenty to like and think about. If you like her art, she adds a tutorial as well so that you too can learn how to create digital illustrations.