Photography to Production: These 5 Visual Brands Deserve Your Attention NOW

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ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to create Queer Made - a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s LGBTQIA+ community.  

With Queer Made, we have been able to discover and amplify some unique businesses: which you will soon be able to shop from as well! This curation aims to bring to the centre stage some fabulous photography, videography and production houses that emphasize a liberated self beyond the shackles of patriarchy and rigid notions of masculinity. Take a look.


Have you ever gone through an Instagram grid of pictures that move you in a way you can’t express? Whether you said yes or no, Wree will definitely give you that experience. This Kolkata-based graphic designer is a self-taught photographer who often collaborates with other indie artists. Introduced to the world of photography with a Yashica film camera, before upgrading to Canon DSLRs, their primary focus is abstract fine art, travel, and streets. Wree produces equally stunning portraits and candids, as is reflected on their Instagram page. In case you’re looking to work with a photographer who captures emotions in a still frame, then reach out to them! They also create wonderful digital illustrations and designs that will be sure to give your businesses and brands a facelift and a refreshing new visual language. 

Even without any of that on your agenda, we think you should check out their feed. It is sure to keep you scrolling for hours!

EO2 EXP - Risheeta

Risheeta is taking her family-run production house, EO2 EXP, to new heights by rebranding it as a creative content studio. Making her directorial debut with an internationally-acclaimed, queer-affirmative short film titled, ‘Naughty Amelia Jane’, she soon went on to don the hats of a Creative Director and Producer, heading the content division. Over the past 3 years, she’s produced 200+ films spanning myriad of genres and styles. 

One of her projects that went viral this past Pride Month was her collaboration with Raghav Meattle. The pair released a music video that features the story of two young queer couples. 

While Risheeta produces large-scale film content for brands and artists, her true passion lies in creating content that can normalise life for people like her from the LGBTQ+ community. Her one true hope is that through her art, there will soon be a day where she and people like her can live and love in our country without judgement. We recommend you check out EO2 EXP’s website and see Risheeta and her team's amazing work for yourself!

Precisely Picturesque Photography - Shreya

Precisely Picturesque Photography is a one-woman business led by Shreya, who is also the youngest photographer to be featured on NDTV Good Times Show ‘Band Baaja Bride’. Her photography style is unrestrained and her body of work ranges from fine art nudes and weddings to pet portraits as well as everything in between! With 8 years of experience behind the lens, Shreya is an ace photographer who can be trusted to deliver with panache covering all sorts of events.

Femuline - Raqeeb, Mohit, Tushar

Three photographers based in Delhi came together to celebrate self-expression, intimacy, gender, body, longing, isolation, through their photography and thus, Femuline was created! Femuline sells photo prints and aims to create the experience of a visual diary that captures the most intimate and the most public moments of human relationships. Each photographer has their own strong suits that work well with the others': for instance, Mohit uses photography to explore a liberated way of self-expression, while Raqeeb works with themes of intimacy and masculinity that move away from the normalized imagery of masculinity in the mainstream media, and Tushar's journey as an artist is about changing the norms that society places on each and every individual. Go check out their Instagram and get your hands on those prints, pronto!

Inti Peru Cinema - Amar

From the lights of Broadway to the lanes of Vizag, Amar is an award-winning commercial director whose dream is to live in a world where people express themselves in a way that transcends the rigid gender binary. Thus was born Inti Peru Cinema. 

This creative studio takes you along on immersive, emotional journeys with the stories that they bring to life on screen. Whether it’s their work with acclaimed dancer Reshmi Nair or facilitating a memorable collaboration between artists from the cities of Hyderabad and New York, Inti Peru Cinema approaches each story with a unique sensitivity. In their own words: “We love people with stories to tell. We love people that long to be uniquely themselves. We love creating safe spaces for expression. We dig deep and put together stunning stories that haunt long after the screen turns off.” 

Scroll through their Instagram page to see some of their works for yourself!