Got 30 Minutes To Spare? This Website Has Fun DIY For You To Try!

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What Makes It Awesome

We know it's tough to be stuck at home. And sure you might be home, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have all the time in the world - housework, dishes, cooking, kids and WFH have us pretty darn busy!

But that means that we've got all that more of a reason to take a little time out of our schedules and pencil in some much-needed 'me time'. If you're a creative soul or just love DIY and crafts, then this website is a fun way to start your crafting journey. 30-Minute Crafts is a website that's got all kinds of easy crafting ideas and it's super conveniently divided as per category of craft (think simple, fabric, paint, paper, fabric, jewellery, printable, Christmas, cricut, video and quick) and also divided by the time it would take you (approx) to complete your project (5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute and 30 minute).

We spotted some fun projects that we're definitely looking to try out ourselves. DIY notebook tabs (gotta stay organised, right), handmade peacock earrings (because why not), quirky rolled paper earrings, no-slip socks (any klutzy people in the house?) and pretty watercolour flowers!

What Could Be Better

The DIYs in each category are somewhat limited, but the great organisation and easy-to-execute ideas makes it a win nonetheless.


We suggest you do a quick check on what you have available before starting your DIY. That will help save time and effort.