These Rainbow-Coloured Notebooks From Eka Brand Are Here To Make Your Monsoon More Colourful!

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What Makes It Awesome

We all love rainbows, don't we? What if I tell you that there are notebooks that have rainbow coloured pages? Yes, you heard me right! Eka Brand has come up with their newest series of notebook called VBGYOR, as a tribute to the monsoon season. We love the colours, minimalism and the black cover that makes it look so sleek. If this isn't cool, I don't know what is!

What's My Pro Tip?

Along with these amazing new rainbow coloured diaries {which, by the way, is to die for}, they have other single coloured books too! Want to get the details? Go visit their Instagram page for some random color-rush!

Anything Else?

You can also contact them here - { 9869401546/9967147085 }. Plus, don't forget to check their Facebook page.

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