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A Coffee-Wine Bar & A Dazzling Sea-View: Razzberry Rhinoceros In Juhu Is Back!

The information in this post might be outdated


The ever-so-iconic Razzberry Rhinoceros has finally reopened to the public, so we went and checked it out. We got back with a report of its sea-view, coffee-wine bar and a revamped menu.

A Date With Nostalgia

Fondly referred to as ‘Razz’, the newly revamped place has finally opened up to the public after months of grueling decisions. The place popular with musicians and upcoming artists, Razz was the one-stop for rock and metal bands.

With a lot of changes, Razz is now more than a live performance venue with its performance area, wine and coffee bistro, outside deck and an upstairs area reserved for the members and loyalists. The gig area aka the inside eating area has been minimally retaining its simplicity. Find old black and white photos of the Juhu Hotel, wooden Rhinos hung on the wall and lights that change with the pace of the space. This is where a lot of the artists will be performing, with a gorgeous view of the famous Juhu sunset.

Razz has seemingly been divided into sections, all of them with a unique edge to them. Apart from the inside performance area, there’s a separate wine and coffee bistro which also doubles up as a co-working space up until 5pm. There’s a gorgeous patio out in front and a wooden deck with its unabashed sea-facing view.

Keeping up with its old norm of being a hang out place for the students, and college kids, the deck will be having a canteen menu especially for the college kids {from noon to 3pm} for them to come chill, jam and showcase their talent. A big break maybe on the horizon.

#LBBTip: Watch out for the lane leading to Razz’s entry, it’s been done up by a Delhi-based painter, Lama.

Chow Down

The menu has been curated by the consulting chef Ranveer Brar and every section at Razz has one to its credit. Starting with the Bistro aka wine and coffee bar, it’s simple and offering a mix of the Mediterranean and North-Indian fare. The tasting menu at the Bistro though serves the purpose of diversity and taste though for its price maybe for the deeper pockets.

Our heart has been set on the softest white mushroom silken galauti kebabs {INR 375} we’ve had. Who knew vegetarian kebab could be so tasty? Sea-food lovers, hop onto the prawns train as the grilled kasaundi prawns with cream cheese made for a compelling case {INR 575}.

On a more indulgent note, we recommend tomato namak parra soup {INR 225} for its comforting taste, wasabi beetroot hummus topped with pomegranate {INR 375}, yakhni ghost biryani {INR 645}. To summarize our eating experience, with each section offering its own menu, Razz is looking to reinvent itself a food and dining experience. The setting makes for a fitting ambience and the dishes, on most notes, hit back home.

Sip On

Head to Razz for its range of delish cocktails. Let us first up establish a scenario here, there’s a sea-view, tall palm trees and then comes the fresh concoction of cocktails up for grabs. Razz bar offers its own version of Razz drinks, ‘root to fruit’ cocktails, wine, hot beverages and the regular drinks.

Our favourite so far is the Mumbai Cosmo {INR 600 plus taxes} with its twist to the classic cosmopolitan. It’s an infusion of vodka, masala tea with cranberry, juice and lime served with a side of crushed Parle-G biscuits. From the root to fruit menu, a menu looking only at fresh ingredients cocktails, there’s sweet lime and sage, kafir lime and pineapple, pomegranate and curry leaves.

So, We're Saying...

If reading the name overwhelms you with nostalgia and more, Razz is open to the public so you can go and relive your old memories and create some new. A lot of exciting line-ups will be announced soon from live gigs to sun downers to workshops and what not. A sanctuary for Mumbaikars to go and hide with a perfect of the sea, the sun and of course, old black and white photos of old Razz.