Stranger Things: This Once A Month Brekkie Meet Is Definitely Something To Look Forward To

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What Is It?

The Reading Social is a series of breakfast meet-ups that are organized once every month at a random cafe in the city! It is a Bring Your Own Book concept and once a month on a Sunday a bunch of strangers {the number growing every day} meet at 9:30 am to read in silence.

The organizers charge INR 500 per head and breakfast and a drink of your choice are served. And the best part is that all the money collected from this initiative goes into buying books for underprivileged kids.

Why Should I Go?

Seriously, nothing gets better than the opportunity to sit in silence without the pull of mundane distractions of the daily humdrum life in the big city and to be able to dedicate that time to a great book.

Plus, the amazing breakfast at different cafes and meeting interesting people with whom you can talk about Neruda and Derrida are like twin cherries on top.

Who Is It For?

How it works is that you bring a book and sit in silence for two hours with your phone switched off. Post the reading time you are given the opportunity to socialise with the people gathered there. There's a fun way about it. So come find out!

Anything Else?

The next meet-up is scheduled to take place on November 26 {Sunday, 9:30am onwards} at Mockingbird Cafe in Churchgate, Mumbai.

Also, the tickets are available at { }.