Choose Sanitary Comfort: Buy Reusable & Sustainable Pads From Rebelle

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What Makes It Awesome

There are several benefits of shifting to cloth pads. They aren't just reusable, but also sustainable, earth-friendly and comfortable on the skin. And Rebelle Natural Menstrual Pads gives you exactly that -- sanitary comfort. Here's why we've fallen for it, and you should, too!

Rebelle Natural Menstrual Pads, formerly known as Idham Pads, was born out of one woman’s desire that every other woman should be able to choose a safer, more sensible alternative to regular sanitary pads and get freedom from excessive dryness, rashes, and itchiness that they cause. Malinee, the founder, spent many months designing and redesigning natural cotton pads using feedback and suggestions from a wide circle of friends and family. With her brainchild Rebelle, it is possible for women to choose comfort and safety, both for themselves and for the earth.

These sanitary cloth pads come with a dry pouch, a wet pouch, light flow pads, heavy flow pads, a growbag, and a pack of seeds you can plant in your garden. Starting from INR 249, these pads come in a set of two, four, and eight. You'll also get cute panty liners and cloth masks from this brand. We believe that rare brands like these truly make a difference and the least we can do is support them, and be a part of the change, too. Let's start with making this small shift and welcome these reusable cloth pads, shall we? 


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