Rejoice Mumbaikars, There Is A New Mexican Eatery In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

I recently found out a city gem that serves Mexican cuisine and could not wait to try out their dishes. Maiz Mexican Kitchen, owned by Mr Veer Bharatiya is one of the first few outlets in Mumbai that cater solely to Mexican food.

They are very dedicated towards their job of ensuring their customers go back with a happy and full gut along with a big smile on their face. Sticking to just 3 to 4 items on their menu, they ensure everything is freshly cooked and made on the spot so much, that they do not even have an oven or microwave in their kitchen.

The staff will whip you up a nice fresh meal, from a burrito bowl { which you can customize} to just plain tacos {served with a dip of your choice} or a burrito along with your choice of sauces and veggies. You can also choose your pick from their protein and veggies section.

They also cater to health-conscious people by ensuring their menu is a treat to the taste buds. Their bestseller is chips with Guacamole {which is a treat for all the guacamole fans}.

What Could Be Better?

They should add more beverage options on their menu to choose from.

What's My Pro Tip?

Do not worry if you are low on cash as they also accept payments via e-wallets. You can also get their delicious Mexican food delivered at your doorstep.

Anything Else?

They don't have many options in beverages but their freshly made lemonade is to die for and you would keep wanting refills as it is made on the spot without any added preservatives.