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Mumbai Women Reveal The Non-Judgmental Gynaecologists They Swear By

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Discussing reproductive health in India comes with an attached stigma, especially for the unmarried women. Wherein it should be an open dialogue, taboo takes form, even within the walls of medical practitioners.

For an Indian woman to go to a gynaecologist and not just be judged is like finding that rare sea shell on a beach, it’s a matter of luck. No more, as we spoke to a few married and single ladies based in Mumbai, and got their recommended gynaecologist on board. They’re reliable, non-judgmental and easy to talk to.

Dr Suruchi Desai

Comes highly recommended as the most non-judgmental, helpful and caring gynaecologist. An unmarried patient, who’s been to Dr Desai tells us she listens intently, without passing any judgement. For the taboo topics like pill-based abortions, pre-marital sex, doc will sit you through it all and guide in the most professional manner.

Recommended because: Non-judgemental and caring. Whether you’re married, unmarried, single, medical assistance will be given irrespective.

Fee: INR INR 600

Contact: 9821430760

Where: Sujay Hospital, Juhu

Dr Jeroo Parvez Bhada

Dr. Jeroo maybe in her 60s, but her attitude and behaviour towards the millennials is far away from the judgemental older generation. Once can openly discuss anything with her, your sexual problems, contraceptives, pre-marital sex.

Recommended because: Will offer advice without any judgement and listen to unmarried, or even single women without raising any eyebrow. We’ve been told if you’re a student, your fee may be discounted.

Fee: INR 1,000- INR 1,500 per consultation

Contact: 9820072178

Where: Flat No 54, Aderabad Complex, Hughes Road, Opposite Prempuri Ashram, Mumbai

Dr. Rakhee Sahu

A highly professional outlook when it comes to speaking to women who maybe vulnerable owing to their age, and sexuality. Dr. Rakhee is known to offer a professional ear, with no judgement whatsoever. From STDs, to PCOD and even the taboo subject of abortions {especially for the unmarried women}, Doc will lend in her services in the most professional way.

Recommended because: Can discuss any topic, illness or queries about sexual health, will not judge you based on your married status, or the number of sexual partners you’ve had.

Fee: INR 900

Contact: Via Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai

Dr. Mira Raisinghani

Dr. Mira comes highly recommended from a regular patient, who has been to her on maters of contraception. Instead of asking uncomfortable questions she will instead answer yours without any hesitation. She has her private clinic in Bandra, and it’s advised to call her up for an appointment beforehand.

Recommended because: The patients can freely speak to her, get medical check-up done without the Doc asking you your martial status in a condescending tone.

Fee: INR 1,000 upwards

Contact: 022 2640 5567,

Where: 6, Waterfield Road, Near National College, Opp.Subway Restaurant, Near National College, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Dr Nalinitai Chavan

Dr Nalinitai Chavan works out of her small clinic in Andheri West. She is really approachable and easy to get an appointment with. Though the clinic is tiny, and she may refer you to a bigger hospital later, patrons can drop by her clinic. A heads up call is advisable, though she will take walk-ins.

Recommended because: Dr Nalini is really easy to talk to. From delaying your periods {and whether it is a good option}, to contraceptives one must use {iuds to oral pills}, and matters of pre-marital sex can be discussed freely with her. In fact, she will herself offer suggestions and the best way forward for you healthy reproductive health.

Fee: INR 1,000-INR 1,500

Contact: 022 2623 1919

Where: Chavan Maternity Nursing House, Plot No. 195/2B, JP Rd, D.N.Nagar, Andheri West

Dr. Shiraz Vazifdar

Dr. Shiraz is known to be a friendly doctor who will always greet you with a smile. Regular patients laud her ability to put them at ease in matters of all things that one may find embarrassing. From yeast infections {recent or old}, STDs to any other issues that one may have, Dr. Shiraz will be check you without any sort of eyebrow raising nonsense.

Recommended because: Friendly, easy to talk to and east to get an appointment with. Whether it’s your first time, or the tenth time, you’ll be treated with the same respect irrespective of your age, and worries.

Fee: INR 800 {upwards}

Contact: 022 26415289

Where: Vazifder Clinic, Vazifdar Clinic, 2nd Floor, Deccan Court, S.V. Road, (behind Shopper’s Stop, Next to Suburbia Theatre), Khar West