Rent, Repair Or Restore: Hit Up This Shop In Colaba For All Your Carpet Needs

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Just take a walk down in the bylanes of Colaba, and you'll discover some of the most interesting stores, and people doing interesting things. One such place we discovered was Afghan Carpet House, where you can get your carpets repaired and restored on a budget, or even rent them out.

What Makes It Awesome

Afghan Carpet House, as big as it sounds runs out of a tiny garage in Colaba. We didn't believe our ears when we heard that this establishment has existed in the same place for decades now. It is run by a jolly man who loves being referred to as Baba.

Just as you're about to enter the store, you'll see all the skilled artisans sitting outside the shop busy repairing carpets, going umpteen knots under a minute.

At Afghan Carpet House, you can not only get your carpets repaired, but also buy them. However, let us warn you- they're really expensive with the likes of Persian, Bukhara and Kashmiri ones that are neatly stacked up inside their shop. Baba, the chap who runs the place is quite friendly and will engage you in conversations, and also tell you about his love for carpets.

If you're not looking for repairing your carpet or buying one {well, they're SO expensive}, then Baba has another option for you. You can rent out carpets from here. Baba mentioned to us that his shop is quite popular amongst production houses in Bollywood who often rent out lavish carpets from him; those ones that you see in the gigantic mansions shown in Indian soaps. You can rent a Kashmiri carpet anywhere in the range of INR 5,000- INR 15,000 for a day. The rent depends on the size of the carpet and the amount of work done on it. For repair, depending on the damages, it can take up to a week to even a month as the artisan does it by hand, with precision and skills. The cost for it can be anything between INR 5,000 and may even go up to INR 20,000 depending on the material of the carpet.

Apart from this, they also have killens, and durries starting at INR 4,000 upward depending on the kind you're looking for. Got a bad stain on your carpet? They can get it dry cleaned too.


If you're genuinely looking at purchasing a carpet but are on a budget, just let Baba know your budget and he will probably find something in that budget for you or he will give his reference to someone else he knows who sells beautiful rugs, and carpets in Colaba. A polite conversation and a smiling face go a long way here.

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