Make The Switch: Use Sustainable & Recycled Stationery From Rescript


    What Makes It Awesome

    We may not realize it, but it is always the small conscious acts that make a huge impact. Whether it is our decision to use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one, or carry a steel flask while travelling, instead of buying uncountable Bisleris, bringing about a change is always in our hands. And if you're all up for being a part of this sustainable life, then start with Rescript. Here's why! 

    This eco-conscious brand, founded by Naren Raj and Ashutosh Ananth, uses all the plastic that we discard, to create sustainable stationery. It believes that one man's waste is another man's resource, and so it aims to make the most of our natural resources by using discarded paper as the only raw material. They make packs of 10 recycled pencils for INR 99, pack of 3 recycled notebooks for INR 90, pack of 5 recycled pens for INR 99, and recycled copier paper sheets for INR 149. With great quality stationery, available at super affordable pricing, we think it is a steal deal! 

    Single-use plastic pens, notebooks, and pencils add on to the endless pile of plastic waste generated by us. Pause this practice and rescript the universe with stationery that's here to make a difference. By purchasing their products, you aren't just saving the planet but also being a warrior of change. So do good while you have the option to, and add this thoughtful stationery to your cart soon! 


    You can also buy Rescript's sustainable blue ink pens from Shop on LBB!