Beetroot Risotto, Flatbread & Dim Sums: There's An All Veg Eatery Called Rinponche In Borivali

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Borivali peeps, an all veg Pan-Asian and continental restaurant called Rinponche is here, and it’s just perfect for a fam jam.

Did Someone Say Sushi?

Big French windows, dark mahogany furniture, Gymkhana-like floor tiles and forest green couches are what you can expect to find when you enter Rinpoche {meaning ‘precious’ or ‘gem’ in Tibetan}.

But if décor is the last thing on your mind, let us tell you about the food you get here. Everything from continental, pan-asian, Mexican and Italian is offered here. In the mood of dim sums, baos or sushi rolls, they will serve up very flavoursome ones right for you.

Wasabi not your choice? Pick something experimental from their flatbreads – from the all green flatbread {made with broccoli, pesto sauce, cheese and spinach}, wok tossed spicy tofu and caramelised onions, mushrooms with feta, chilli and garlic. Other than that, everything on the menu is interesting from penne paprika with crispy sweet potatoes, naked burritos, beetroot risotto, or just some spanish tapas.

Dishes are moderately priced between INR 250–350, and is well-portioned.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking for really good no-fuss vegetarian meal and you’re around Borivali, there’s no reason you shouldn’t visit Rinpoche.


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