Ever Tried 'Rollercoaster' Ice Cream? We Found It In Ghatkopar

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Roller Coaster ice cream in Ghatkopar East’s khao galli-as the name suggests- serves up fresh ice cream shreds made on a rollercoaster from ice, milk and fresh fruits.

What Makes It Awesome

Rollercoaster Ice Cream Works which was conceived in Gujarat, moved to Mumbai a few years ago. It’s possibly one of the only state-of-art ice cream parlour that makes the ice cream on the spot with fresh fruits and serves you there and then.

If you’re wondering how it works, it’s no rocket science really. They have a cylinder which is coated with ice, salt and milk. The ice is changed every two hours (for hygiene purposes). Once you select which ice cream you want off the menu, watch the magic happen. The cylinder keeps rotating – with the guy at the shop who cuts up fruits in front of you – and with his gloved hands then crushes on the rolling ice- resulting in delectable shreds of ice and fruits.

We tried out at least three flavours of ice cream picking our favourites from diverse menu spoiling us for choices. First up we tried freezy chocolate which was basically shredded ice cream infused with flavours of chocolate cream and fresh chikoo that was put on the roller coaster. Then we tried the Kiwi sixer {our personal favourite} ending it with a special guava ice cream topped with a hint of red spice.


In the mood for some freshly made ice cream? Head to Ghatkopar right away. We say hit up the khao galli first (here’s our guide) and then end the meal on an icy but delicious note. They often do seasonal flavours like mango and thandai on Holi as well. So definitely keep a watch out.

Price: Freezy choco INR 70, Kiwi Sixer INR 70


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