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This Alarm Clock Runs Away Until You Chase It Down And Turn It Off

Sarjana posted on 09 January

What Is It?

Getting up on time every morning is one of the biggest struggles every human being goes through. Be it an alarm clock or telling your mom to call you fifteen times, your sleep wins every battle you throw at it. So, if you are not a morning person {or know someone who has trouble getting up early}, we have a perfect recommendation for you.

Tell Me More

If you are looking for something that will get you out of the bed no matter what, you should go for this running alarm clock that will make you chase it until you hunt it down and turn it off. The clock keeps beeping and runs away from the side table until you get out of the bed and grab it. Not only is it a smart gadget, it’s a trendy alarm that will enhance the look of your room. It has a digital clock with light, omni-directional turn, rapid running and loud beep to get you out of your slumber. This modern and elegant gadget can be a very unique and funny gift for your friends who have trouble waking up on time or for yourself if you are struggling with the same. It is also perfect for kids who want to learn to wake up on their own without parents’ help.

This running alarm LCD digital display clock by Untold can be bought on Amazon for INR 1,099.

So, We're Saying...

If one of your New Year resolution is to make it to work/class on time, this clock is heaven sent. You can buy it here.