Ten Second Takeaway

Russsh is an on-demand delivery service offering us same-day deliveries within the city. We took a look at their offerings to see if they matched up.

What’s It About?

If your memory is not your best friend, and you keep leaving things behind at home or office, Russsh is a blessing. Forgot something at home and can’t go back to pick it up? Call Russsh and they’ll pick it up to deliver it to you. A surprise gift delivery to someone? Need to spot some cash to a friend? Want your clothes picked up from your local tailor? They do it all.

Started as Get My Peon in 2012, Russsh caters to both individual and business needs. Apart from helping individuals with daily errands, they also provide delivery manpower for businesses. They are currently covering all of Mumbai and Thane.

The website is user-friendly, the options are laid out and you can choose to pay them either at the pick up point,the drop point or online. A same day-delivery will cost you INR 250 and an express delivery {delivery within 90 minutes} INR 350. We tried to get some stuff delivered from Lower Parel to Bandra, and while the delivery did reach us on the same day, it reached two hours late and we didn’t receive any confirmation of the initial order. So use the service, but be prepared for some hitches.

So We’re Thinking…

Use Russsh to avoid that awkward encounter with an ex {to pick up stuff you left behind} or to never utter the dreaded ‘I forgot my documents at home’ again.

Price: Starts at INR 200 per delivery

Featured photo source: Russsh