Sabir bhai : Authentic Muslim Cuisine Available At Your Door Step!

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I'm almost a year late in penning down my experience of this lovely brand called Sabir Bhai's - that serves authentic Muslim food. It is located in Andheri, Mumbai.

Let's dive into the topic straight away, This special delivery kitchen saw the light of the day during the lockdown when eating outside food and dine in experience was a far-fetched dream for many people like me who love experiencing new places and it's cuisines.

This lovely places brings to your plate glorious flavors of kebabs, tikkas and everything appetizing served across the city.

The only goal of this lovely place is to Take their authentic traditional muslim cuisine outside the periphery of places like mohd ali road and introduce it to every part of the city, making it available through the year to everyone who wants to experience it.

The cuisine which is rich in flavours and spices, the food that we foodies look forward to savouring in ramadan or at a muslim friends wedding is now available anywhere and anytime. Now the food is a call/order away.

What all did i have ?

-  Foil Chicken

-  Chicken Green Korma

-  Baghara Chawal

-  Firni

The main thing i look for when the food comes home from any delivery kitchen is the packing and how they have sent it and sabir bhai did an excellent job.


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