Have You Tried The Indore-Style Sabudana Khichdi In Kandivali?

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We tried the Indori-style sabudana khichdi in Kandivali, and we’re never going to complain about making a trip to the suburbs again.

Chow Down

To be honest, we had never had Indori sabudana khichdi ever before, so naturally we were pretty stoked about trying this one. Our friends from Candy Valley {because, why not?} always raved about this delicacy, so it was about time we tried it ourselves. So after samosas stuffed with poha and bhujing, it was time for some new street food, and this Indori-style sabudana khichdi seemed very inviting.

Now, a perfect blend of sabudana, potatoes, groundnut powder and buttermilk {with some other spices, but easy on the palate and stomach}, this khichdi is very different from most others we’ve eaten. We tried the one at the Savariya Sabudana Khichdi stall in Kandivali West. Upon eating it, we were certainly taken aback.

The khatta-meetha {sweet and tangy doesn’t make the same impact} flavour as opposed to the more spicy and popular variants available in Mumbai, adds a unique touch to its taste. The gentleman here does not add peanuts, but instead garnishes with a lot of lime juice and Indori chewda. He is also very proud about the fact that his sabudana khichdi is popular during upvas {fasts} periods, and is quite a hit in general too.

Priced at INR 30, a plate full of this khichdi will make you a very happy person and you will definitely want travel a bit {unless you already live in Kandivali and need no introduction to this} for this awesomeness.

So, We’re Saying…

If you love khichdi or simply enjoy trying different kinds of food, then here’s something old we newly discovered and we must admit, we’ve become quite the fans of this khichdi.

Where: Sawariya Khichdi Centre, Near Patel Nagar, on MG Road, outside SVC Bank, Kandivali West.

Contact: +91 98708 39970