Live For Seafood? Missing This Eatery In Mahim Is A Sin You Don't Want To Commit

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If you’re a die-hard seafood fan such as us, then you too can do a mini jive because Saibeni Gomantak in Mahim is where you can plonk yourself at after a hard day’s work.

Fishful Thinking

Only a true seafood lover will know and feel the joy of this Malwani eatery, Saibeni Gomantak and its menu. Not that there was ever a dearth of seafood restaurants in this area {Fresh Catch, Diva Maharashtracha, etc.}, but you know what they say – more the merrier. When here, you can blindly order for anything Malwani on the menu {we took a chance} and you can be sure you’ll get something delectable.

We opted for their stuffed pomfret {INR 220}, tawa Saibeni special prawns {INR 550} and tawa mori tikka {INR 180}. The pomfret was stuffed with delicious coriander and coconut chutney and the tamarind gave it just the right flavour. The prawns were made to perfection, though priced above the others only due to them being a special item {they were worth it!}. We actually liked the mori tikka a whole lot.

For the mains, we chose the tisrya masala {INR 140} which was mouth-watering, and the surmai tikhla {INR 210}, which too lived up to the expectations. We teamed this with rice, and enjoyed the experience thoroughly while sipping on solkadhi {INR 50} at the side {it’s a must with this food}. You could very well opt for their thalis, what with the basic veg thali starting costing you INR 125 and the most expensive on the menu, the crab thali costing you INR 270. We didn’t try the chicken and mutton delicacies but we trust them to be good {we couldn’t resist the fish}. Their vegetarian varieties have a good reputation too, so feel free to explore the menu.

So, We're Saying...

Haven’t we convinced you already? Saibeni Gomantak is a must if you love Malwani flavours and, much like us, cannot resist checking out new food joints to satiate out hunger.


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