Eating Samosa Chhole At Guru Kripa Is The Best Part Of Being In Sion & The New Year

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What Makes It Awesome

What happens when two of your favourite dishes come together? You get a combination unlike any other, and the samosa chhole at Guru Kripa in Sion is all about proving that right. From old-timers and locals, to college students and pretty much anyone who has ever visited Sion, or lives around Sion-Matunga-Dadar knows what Guru Kripa is, and the precious place it holds in the hearts of Mumbaikars.

Though it’s now a 41-year-old eatery, the owner of Guru Kripa would formerly sell the samosas and chhole on a handcart by the pavement before setting up the perennially crowded restaurant. The aroma of the freshly made samosa is unmissable as you pass by this fairly big eatery near Sion circle (closer to SIES College). Go here and order crunchy, spicy, potato-filled triangles. One bite of these tasty samosas and you will know you haven’t had a better one anywhere in Mumbai.

Team them with freshly made chhole at this Sindhi joint, and the combination is sure to blow your mind. As regulars of this eatery, we’d warn you that getting to these beauties may not be all that easy. The restaurant is perpetually flooded with hungry (and greedy in our case) eaters and you have to first get a coupon before you buy anything. So be sure to elbow your way through to the main counter where service is instant. Unless you’re okay with standing and eating, we would suggest you parcel your order. Having said that, the experience of eating there amidst the hustle is unique on its own. There are plenty more vegetarian options for snacking, but our heart is set on the samosa chhole.


Go here, go here now because this is the food you don’t want to miss out on. And believe us when we say this, you’ll see the good old bambaiyya charm in here the minute you set your foot in.

If you've decided to make a fresh start this new year, don't give this old favourite a miss! 


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