#LBBLoves: This Kolkata Brand Makes Beautiful Blankets & Quilts From Old Saris


An ethical Kolkata-based brand, Sari Bari does a wonderful job at using old saris and transforming them into different quilts, bags and bed covers.

Through Pleats And Weaves

Sari Bari which stands for a sari home {as bari means home in Bengali}, was spun into existence after the co-founders, Sarah Lance and Kristeen Keen’s, visit in Kolkata.

They began the brand in order to give an income, a livelihood and a safe working space to women who have been in a victim of trafficking and sex slavery.

Essentially, they take used saris and stitch them into new creations using the kantha style of stitchwork.

Each item made by them comes with a label attached stating the creator’s name, and all the profits from the sales go towards their upliftment, a few welfare schemes. The aim is also to promote ethical clothing practices so that you know the exact source of where your products come from.

So, How Do I Get My Hands On These?

You can buy products online from their website. They usually make about 7-8 bags from one sari cloth, and order a twin, queen or king-sized quilt if it isn’t on the site by emailing them on info@saribari.com

Since the founders are based in the U.S., the prices are given in dollars but there is shipping to Mumbai and all across the world. A handmade bag is for around INR 3500 and a quilt starts at INR 6000.

So, We're Saying...

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