Sushi Waffles Are A Thing Now & Here's Where You Can Get Them

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What Is It?

Who doesn’t love waffles? But, lets be honest…we can’t surrender to sugar every time we crave for a warm and crispy waffle. But, this new eatery in Bandra West called Technikue will give some respite to your sugar struggles. Believe us or not, their savoury waffles are breaking all stereotypes by giving us some healthy yet hearty options.

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Located on Pali Mala Road in Bandra West, Technikue Savoury Waffles is going to bowl you over with its surprisingly yet delectable menu. Apart from having a wide variety of savoury delights, the eatery also offers some amazing salads, soups, nachos and sweet waffles {in case you end up there on a cheat day}.

We would recommend their split black lentil waffle {INR 255} and quesadilla waffle {INR 295} in case you want to go with the classics. If you are up for experimentation, go for their sushi waffles {INR 375} and sriracha chicken waffle slider {INR 335}. Try their corn and jalapeno soup to accompany your meal. If you reach there looking for sweet surprises, you won’t be disappointed. Try their creme brulee waffle {INR 245} and chocolate dipped desert waffle {INR 195} and you will definitely come back for them.

So, We're Saying...

Located in the heart of the city, Technikue is perfect for both take-aways and dine-in. Their healthy food and beverages will definitely make you a regular.


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