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#LBBLikes: There's A New Food Festival In Mumbai Dedicated To Hummus

Shalvi posted on 18 November

What Is It?

Fizzy Foodlab’s Chef's Basket in association with Zomato is celebrating The Hummus Festival between November 24 to 27, where multiple top Mediterranean restaurants in Mumbai will have a specially curated menu involving various dishes made using hummus.

Who Is It For?

For everyone who loves hummus and would love to experiment with dishes made using it. The Hummus Festival aims at celebrating the savoury and nutritional aspect of hummus by collaborating with the restaurant chef's and curating unique and interesting dishes using it. Restaurants such as The Little Door Cafe, Cafe Terra, WTF, The Treesome Cafe, Global Chaos, Zoo Bar, Mockingbird Cafe, The Bar Terminal, Mediterra, Papa Cream and many more will be a part of this amazing fest, so walk into any of these on the given dates and enjoy their special hummus menu.

Why Should I Go?

Photo source: Chef's Basket

Photo source: Chef's Basket

Because there will be so much hummus-based food. The Hummus Festival will have 15 dishes curated by the chefs across different restaurants using hummus as a main ingredient. So patrons will not only get a free sample of Chef's Basket’s Hummus, but also a recipe book to recreate the dish at home. The festival will also be attended by top chefs, food bloggers and celebrities across different restaurants.

Anything Else?

With the right balance of taste and health, the Hummus Festival promises to be the perfect destination for all food lovers across the city serving a palette of unique food options in your favorite restaurants.

Featured photo source: Pixabay