Pretty Decor Along With Scrumptious European Cuisine At Le Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome?

Scrumptious lunch Le Cafe located at a walkable distance from Chembur station. Had bright vibes in it and was quite spacious and ambience was too classy, perfectly articulated. Well known for its European cuisine. They serve amazing varieties in breakfast too and indeed have a separate section of dishes for breakfast in the menu. Staff was very courteous, friendly and suggested very well the dishes according to one's taste preference. The menu is very well planned and had almost all varieties of dishes which one would crave for. They had the proper balance of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so according to one's want can enjoy the cuisine with ease.

I started with:

1. Mocktail
- Mango Smoothie: A proper mango taste with a essence of sugar in it and the taste was a very refreshing one

2. Small plates
- Nachos: the first word which comes out after ordering nachos that it would be same taste which we normally have elsewhere but here the reality was different as the presentation along with taste was really on a cheesier side and too tasty. It was served with salsa, cheese sauce, sour cream and lots of Jalapeno
- Hummus Platter: they have different varieties of hummus plater, one can have a red pepper hummus, basil hummus and such other varieties of hummus
- Oven-Baked Stuffed Mushrooms: one who is a true mushroom lover will enjoy this dish like anything
- Tomato Mozzarella Bruschetta: Super yummy Bruschetta, bakes amazingly with a tomato and mozzarella above it.

3. Pizza
- Jerk Paneer Pizza: the name itself tempted me to order it and seriously it was a jerking tasty one. Pizza served it cooked panner prices above it which were soft and when has with a crunchy crust of the pizza the blench gave a delicious taste.

- Baked Mac and Cheese Pasta: Romania, what an amazing pasta it was total yum. That cheesy layer on taking the spoon out filled with pasta and the taste of it :-X it is truly worth to say Ka le cafe ma aka Mac and cheese pasta Nahi khaya to kya khaya.

5. Dessert
- I love this section the most and this time I took the advantage of having bundles of deserts served by them and all were damn marvellous. I had Vanilla Panna Cotta, Hazelnut Chocolate, Gluten-Free Gooey Chocolate, Blueberry Cheese Cake and what not.
Must try πŸ’ž

How Much Did It Cost?

β‚Ή500 - β‚Ή1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids, Pets