Seal Of Approval: 3 Scuba Diving Spots So Close To Mumbai

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70% of this planet is water. And only 5% of it has been explored. Doesn’t that make you wonder of the unthinkable creatures that must reside in the depths of the ocean? What if mermaids are real? While we wait for explorers to get back to us on that, here are some places where you can go exploring the underwater world, all close by, within driving distance.

Tarkarli Beach

Around 530 kilometers from Mumbai, Tarkarli is a quaint beach on the Konkan coastline that has clean beaches and healthy seas. What you will witness here is a rich marine life that is largely untouched. There are several options when it comes to scuba diving operators in the area. 

Where: Try Shamika Scuba Diving. They have several different packages on offer from basic scuba diving to entire tour packages. For pricing, give them a call.

Mirya Beach

Situated in Ratnagiri 346 kilometers from Mumbai, Mirya beach offers a healthy marine life up for exploration. With top notch diving gear and qualified instructors, head here if you’re short on time. Some of the diving centres here also offer night diving, which is a whole other experience.

Where: Harsha Scuba Diving. They offer several different packages including night diving 

Vengurla Rocks

A little short of Goa, Vengurla has certified PADI (Professional Association Of Diving Instructors) scuba diving instructors equipped to take you for both beginner and advanced level scuba diving. About 540 kilometers from Mumbai, Vengurla will offer a peek into hard and soft corals, and some dives might also take you along deeply submerged rocks. From red snapper, giant grouper morels, trigger fish, lobsters, parrot fish, angel fish, to moorish idol, there’s lot to see here.

Where: Tarkarli Scuba Diving. The deep sea dive packages start from INR 5,000 per head.