Seafood Culinary Delight At Its Best From Europe To Konkan

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What Makes It Awesome?

Since past few days I have been into seafood and no doubt India has a very thick taste in seafood. So after trying some homemade dishes, it was time to get the luxury in seafood. So we visited The Harbour Bay in Bandra. It is actually heaven on earth for seafood lovers. We were an hour late for our reservation but the staff was highly courteous to host us.

If you love talking then chef Sid is a heck of a man to talk about food. Since the time we took our table he kept us engaged in his foodie talk and explaining how different THB is from other seafood places. The food actually comprises of 60% European Seafood preparation and rest 40% is taken from Indian cultures like north India, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Parsi.

Bandra reclamation is obviously home to some amazing restaurants and THB is no less. The ambience here is intriguing enough to trip with your cocktails. Coming to the amazing seafood we had. This place serves live crab where they don't preserve crabs but have them fresh so that the meat you have is delicious enough. Also, the crabs a good enough in size.

We started our lunch with an authentic and refreshing Karuvepillai(Must try). An amazing blend of desi Kokam and your favourite gin topped with curry leaves to give this cocktail an organically strong flavour. Coming to the appetizers we started with the Chef's signature dynamite prawns served in a martini glass with beautiful garnishing. The prawns were cooked with wasabi to give you a hit at the end of your prawn. It was coated with a sweet sauce to compensate and is a must try as appetizers.

Chicken wrapped prawns is another lip-smacking appetizer again with prawns. Your favourite prawns are coated with thin chicken slices and deep fried. This gives you a feeling of both chicken and freshly made prawns. Coming to the main course we were suggested Sri Lankan preparation of stew with coconut rice named Ceylon stew with coconut rice. The stew was super delicious with some prawns pieces. I held myself asking for more of that delicious stew which had some authentic flavours of coconut milk.

Finally, we tried a secret dish which is a heritage recipe by owners family who belongs to Ratnagiri. A full-length pomfret was cooked with some drooling spices which were not shared by the chef as the ingredients were heritage. But the coating was on the sweeter side which is not pure Konkan preparation but tasted amazing.

Well, the bartender at THB allowed was another great interaction I had. Ernest allowed us to try his childhood favourite mixture of tequila which is Pink Wink. Boomer flavoured cotton candy had tequila poured in it and turned into an amazing cocktail. Obviously, the fragrance of boomer was the best part.

If you are looking out for a premium seafood restaurant this a perfect pick for you.

What Could Be Better?

Obviously, this is the place is heaven for seafood lovers but can include something in veg just to give a wider range.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae

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