Enjoy Casual Fine Dining Along With Amazing Street Style Food & Drinks!

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What Makes It Awesome?

All stir fry: The Oriental (Street Style) Kitchen at Waterstones, a casual diner catering to you Asian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese. ASF oozes placid vibe, quiet early tranquil evenings therapy!

Stepped and here on a rainy evening (October Rains in Mumbai) Bliss.

Welcomed warmly by Sarah she was all smiles, a pleasing persona escorted us to our table.

Sipped on some jasmine tea and we called for the following:

Ching Mai Prawns
Tiger prawns tossed with zucchini & shitake
ps: The mushrooms were an ultra juicy absolute delight. A lovely dish, comfort food.

Crackling chicken
Crisp fried shredded chicken can call it a variation in crispy chicken tossed in soy, with honey, sesame & chilly flakes, well presented with crackling spinach was good, well portioned for 2.

ASF: Wok This Way
ASF Speciality Wok, Take your Wok bowl, pick the topping of your choice displayed right before you, spoilt for choices, my picks were as follows

Red rice with rice noodles + Zucchini (yellow & green) Broccoli + Sundried Tomatoes + Leeks + Tofu + Chicken Salami + Sausage + Lamb Tossed in Kung Pao Sauce.

Sipped on the mocktails as it was a dry day

Purple Drop
All refreshing and fizzy & sweet. Lavender extract & Lime was good.

Creamy Punch
A perplex of orange juice & Peach crush topped with cream.


Nasi Goreng
Beaut one of the best Iv had in recent time, the rice had a lovely sweetish tinge was ultra yum accompanied with herbed chicken satay, sprouts and prawn crackers, must try the nasi goreng here!


Tub Tim Grob
Thai dessert water chestnut cubes with crushed ice in a coconut milk base (missed the red pearls pomegranate) however the bottom was layered with a rosy red syrup was good.

Got my hands on the Asian side of the menu, did not try the Jap and the alco section, so far whatever we tried was amazing.

Overall lovely experience, an evening well spent, warm hospitality & prompt service by Santosh & Chandan.

Happy Dining Cheers!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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