Sev Puri Inside A Sandwich? You Can Have It At This Popular Chaat Wala In Mumbai

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Gupta Chaat Centre in Matunga makes the mother of all fusions – the sev puri {cheese} sandwich, and here’s why it is so noteworthy.

This Is Going To Sev The World

This famous chaat seller in Matunga is known for his unusual Hershey’s laden chocolate sandwich, but our ears popped slightly out of our head when we heard of a sev puri sandwich.

What is it really? It is a plate of six sev puri pieces sandwiched between two breads. They butter up one side of the bread, smear it with the famous green chutney and sweet chutney {saunth} and place pieces of papdi. Then just like with a regular sev puri, chopped pieces of onion and chillies are topped over it along with sev. They then cover it up with another layer of bread and then grill it together. They top it off with cheese. Lots of cheese, if you so wish.

Though at the end, it looks like a regular sandwich, the sev puri stuffed inside is revealed only when you take the first bite. The taste is truly delicious with that super extra crunch added to it.

So, We're Saying...

Ridiculously hungry? Or cannot choose between either of the two snacks? Pick up this sandwich that has the best of both.


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