Guys, You Can Get Customised Jeans, Jackets And Ethnic Wear From This Powai Tailor

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Men, get awesome, customised western wear from one of the best tailor shops in Mumbai – Shilpi Textiles and Tailors in Powai.

Suit Up

People in Powai swear by Shilpi when they need to get their clothes stitched. This formal wear tailor shop has been around for 45 years and is the go-to place for everything tailored to perfection, from everyday work shirts, to well-tailored pants, suits, in all sort of styles.

They have their own fabrics available – regular cotton fabrics in seas of colour, linens, silks, cordoroy, and others.

The cost to stitch up a pair of trousers is about INR 2,500-3,000, a shirt starts at INR 400 {for the most basic basic cut}, however the masterji is adept at making all sorts of customisations – from a nice bandh gala collar, changing the lapel of a blazer, thread colour, and so on.

What’s really awesome is that they claim to be really good at stitching up jeans, so forgo your ill-fitting pair purchased from the mall, and get a perfectly stitched one here for only INR 1,100 upwards.

You can choose from a catalogue, show a photo or ask them for suggestions and patterns.

So, We're Saying...

It takes them anywhere between 6–10 days depending on the season. The shop is open from 9.30am–9.30pm and is closed on Thursdays. For more info, call on 022 25782666.


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