Big On Baking? Head Here For Mad Awesome Supplies

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Baking has long been misconceived as an expensive hobby and as someone who lives & breathes it, I can assure you that that's a misconception. After years of digging around and trying out shops of all kinds - I've nailed down two shops that offer the greatest variety you'll lay eyes on, at really affordable prices too. Scroll down to find exactly what I love about them -

Arife Lamoulde

If you're a pro or just trying your hand at baking for the first time, Arife Lamoulde will sort you out from start to finish. From tins and moulds in all shapes imaginable to bakery ingredients and tools that'll surpass your expectations  - they do everything with absolute perfection. Sharp cookie and fondant cutters? Spatulas and turntables? Piping nozzles? Done. And as for the voice in your head that says "when you do it, do it for the 'gram!" - they've got flavoured fillings, colourful sprinkles and edible glitter too.


My next guest (read: awesome superstore) needs no introduction. Foodhall is every foodie's, hustler's (cuz who has time to go shopping two different places?), and of course baker's wonderland. Their chic baking studio on the top most floor has my heart. From a wide assortment of gourmet products (also delivered to your doorstep) to delicious italian, Japanese, Mexican-Thai cuisines (if all the bakery shopping makes you hungry) they've got everything under one roof.


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