Purrmaids And Panda Donut Soaps: This Soap And Candle Shop Screams Cute

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June Blossom

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What Makes It Awesome

We have big heart eyes for this very cute and adorable brand. June Blossom handcrafts the cutest soaps into kawaii animals, flowers and food items. They also have candles which smell so yummy and are perfect for any gifting occasion. 

They also do bath salts with layers of colourful magic in a jar (they work just as well as they look). Along with that, they also have scented wax tablets. You can store them in your wardrobes, bags, bathrooms, or place it on your desk as a showpiece with an amazing scent. 

Our favourite soaps include the cherry blossom soap, the koala donut soap, the baby pink one with white florals and the Purrmaid one. They have strong yet calming scents which aren’t overpowering or headache-inducing. If you have a birthday coming up, this is the easiest gift you can consider.

Price: INR 40 – INR 165 for soaps, INR 100 – INR 300 for candles. Gift boxes can be customized according to budget.