OoLaLa: That's What They'll Say When They See Your Poppin' Eyeshadow Game!

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What Makes It Awesome

There's a certain joy in the no-makeup make up look, right? But every so often, you just want to let out your inner style queen. And really, there's no better way to make a statement than with a pop of colour on those eyelids. Yes. I'm talking eyeshadows. And if you're feeling bold enough, go ahead and make them say ooh la la with this brand's range of eyeshadow and blush palettes.

OoLaLa is an indie Indian make up label based out of Mumbai that specialises in eyeshadow and blush. We browsed their collection and were especially taken with their bright and bold eyeshadow palettes (set of 6, set of 12 and customised set of 4). Want to recreate the ocean on your eyelids? They've got a palette for that? A tropical paradise? There's one for that too. And if you really can't do without the glitter, there's one dedicated to all things shiny and bright with their 12-colour Gliteratti. 

They've got those subtle nude palettes, smokey eyes and chocolate browns too, but the eye-catchers are definitely the bold range. We also browsed through their blush collection and found shades that look flattering for our skin tones, think coral peach, nude, bubblegum and muted mauve. 

Did we mention the prices are pretty reasonable too. A palette of 12 shades at INR 1800, 6 shades at INR 1,000 and a customised palette of 4 shades at INR 3,000 (this is the steepest one). Blushes retail at INR 850. Plus, we love their pop culture-inspired packaging! Bonus: It's cruelty-free too. I'd be happy to pull that out of my handbag.

What Could Be Better

The website needs a makeover and can be a tad annoying to navigate. Products also get sold out occasionally.


Go for their bold palettes if you're looking to make a statement. Do note that highly pigmented shadows can stain your skin, so use with care and remove accordingly with a good cleanser.