Weddings, Winterwear & More: We've Found Pawsome Outfits For Your Doggo!

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There's no doubt about the fact that your pet is your baby. And like any parent, you'd want to spoil them, pamper them and make sure they only deserve the best. Hence, shopping for their essentials kinda takes the front seat in any household which places their furry babies on the topmost priority. Kartik Sanghavi, a Mumbai-based pet parent, would surely agree to this. Always on the hunt for premium quality pet wear for this dog, Chester, he would almost always be disappointed by the options available in the market. Either they lacked quality or were made from fabrics which was not always the best option for our four-legged friends. 

And that's when he started Doxters Lab (what a cool name), an e-store which is dedicated entirely to dog's essentials - clothing, raincoats, harnesses, winter wear etc. They started off with some quirky t-shirts designs. Think sassy quotes, cool prints and bright hues. All handcrafted with love to make your doggo the coolest. And why not? Their pet parent sure is! You can expect a wide array of clothing which includes hoodies, dresses, dungarees, polo shirts, tuxedos, kurtas and shirts. I came across a cutesy t-shirt which reads "Wag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat". OMG! You've got to look at their collection. It's simply cute and adorable.  

You can also shop for your doggo based on the occasion. They've got a collection on that as well - including beachwear, winterwear, weddings, parties etc. Starting at INR 425, their collection is pretty pocket-friendly as well. Fun fact: their fabrics offer an azo-free guarantee, plus they are antimicrobial wrinkle-free and breathable. 

And as these got popular among the pet parents community, they started expanding their range of collection to include raincoats.  While most raincoats available were made from inferior fabrics (like PVC), these guys choose to replace that with a superior one and started making raincoats from Korean breathable fabrics which were waterproof, lightweight and most importantly cost-effective. Their raincoats start at INR 750 and upwards. Likewise, a few months later, they introduced harnesses which offered a strong grip, great fabric and were super comfortable for your doggos.  

Oh, and lastly, their website also has a cute twinning section, where you can shop matching outfits for the hooman and their doggo. So, do check that out as well. 

We surely need more brands like these which creatively club innovation and research to deliver high-quality products. 


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