Pickles, Jams & More: This Brand Is Bring Back Our Childhood Memories

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What Makes It Awesome

I come from a Gujarati household. And we take our pickles and papad way too seriously. And we're super picky when it comes to buying these. Especially pickles. For the longest time, it was Nani making special pickles herself and sending us some. So, you see, the standards are pretty high. and we're particular about the entire process right from the oil used, the ingredients, the drying procedure etc.

And most of the ready-made ones don't really match these standards. But sure, there are a few brands that make quality pickles. And you get to know that it's great quality just from one quick taste and the aroma. One of them is Martban. For those unaware, Martban means that ceramic barni which is half mustard yellow and half white. I mean, there's no Indian household without it. Martban is an online and a local brand which brings back those homemade achaar and jam memories. Their collection includes homemade pickles, jams, chutneys, premises and murabbas (a sweet fruit preserve). And as they are all made in small batches and are produced based on orders you can be assured they are fresh, free of chemicals or any kind of preservatives.

One thing about them is they're acing it when it comes to classic flavours. Sure, you'll see brands with fusion and offbeat flavours, but these guys are killing it with the classics. For pickles, they've got the traditional and most loved - mango and lemon. And if you love jams, they've got strawberry, black grape and mango. 

Their collection starts from INR 120 and upwards. 


Apart from jams and pickles, they've also got a couple of pre-mixes and chutneys as well. So maybe order those as well.


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