Munch Consciously: 9 Vegan Snack Brands We've Tried & Loved In 2021

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Just turned vegan or on the path to becoming one? Or, do you simply want to reduce your intake of dairy? Well then, snacks are the easiest way to kickstart your vegan diet. No, really! While prepping meals for lunch and dinner might be challenging, snacking is actually the easiest of 'em all. Think chips, vegan spreads, crackers and a lot more. Here's a list of vegan snacks and brands that will help you follow this diet a little easier.  

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All Good Taste: For Vegan Chocolate Cookies

All Good Taste

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All Good Taste is an amazing healthy snacking brand which bakes the yummiest vegan cookies. And we're talking about high on protein and low carb cookies made with dark chocolate, almonds, pumpkin seeds and more. You can further choose from black berry or cranberry ones too!

Price: INR 250

Natch: For Crispy Chips


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Chip, chip hurray! This is a great healthy alternative for oily potato chips we are all so used to eating. Natch, a healthy snacking brand, comes with an array of flavoured and exotic ingredients. We're totally carting their Thai coconut chips with chili and caramel coconut chips. And the Barbecue chips is pretty great too. 

Price: INR 300

Nutritius: For Sugary Chikkis


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Up for some sugary delights? Nutritius is here with their super famous chikkis to take you down the memory lane. Made from healthy nut butters, you can opt from their multiple options including classic peanut, hazelnut, chocolate peanut butter and more.

Price: INR 450

Yummsy: For Tasty Granola Bars


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This power-packed snack full of wholesome ingredients definitely deserves a mention. And Yummsy makes it to top of our list for not-so-boring granola bars. They have five kinds of granola bars for you to try out -- Seeds, Berries, Fruity, Power, and Choco Nutty. And all these bars are gluten-free, handmade and the perfect snack to replace all those junk snacking you do.

Price: INR 340

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Pink Harvest: For Quinoa Cups

Looking for something warm and ready to eat? Pink Harvest's quinoa cups is one of the best snacks we'll recommend. Whether you're hungry before dinner or a late-night hunger pangs kicks in, simply had hot water and enjoy a wholesome snack. You can opt for two flavours - masala and Chipotle.   

Price: INR 250 and upwards

Mo's Bakery: For Sugar-Free Coffee Cookies


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Mo’s Bakery creates petite cookies with unique flavors & natural ingredients to surprise its customers. Special care goes into selecting the raw ingredients. They use natural rock salt from the Himalayas, fresh lemons and rosemary from their little Kitchen Garden. The delish coffee cookies have coffee Solids, flour, vegan butter, edible vegetable fat, and some vanilla extract that makes it worth the buy. 

Price: INR 330

Khokha: Fo Gud Chana & Chana Jor Garam Combo


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Khoka has an amazing range of Indian snacks to relish without compromising with health. The snacks here are a modern take on your favourite traditional Indian food sprinkled with the flavors of good old times. One such nostalgia-inducing but healthy snack is the Gud Chana, which comes with the Chana Jor Garam. The former one is made with chickpeas and jaggery, and the latter one has roasted chana, Roasted chana, turmeric, and iodized salt. 

Price: INR 286

Nutribee: For Chilli Garlic Millet Rusks


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Rusks are a staple in almost every Indian household. Let's make them a little healthy for you. Nutribee makes products with whole grains and millets, which are high in fibre and nutrients. So you can be sure that you are having wholesome, nutritious food that's truly a guilt-free indulgence. Garlic is BAE and so is this chilli garlic rusk from Nutribee.

Price: INR 275 

The Healthy Cravings Co: For Jowar Puffs

Healthy snacking couldn't get better and tastier. Healthy Craving Co. does some amazing Roasted Jowar puffs which come in an array of yummy flavours including mint and basil, oregano, sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese and more. These come in a bunch of packets, based on the assorted bundle you choose. However, you can opt to buy just one packet too. But, we'd recommend going for the assorted ones. 

Price: INR 230 


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