Chip Chip Hurray! This Brand Is Making Snacking So Healthy!

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What Makes It Awesome

A full-time snacker? Can't do Netflix without snacking? Can empty an entire container of snacks in one go? If it's a big yes, you're a crazy snacker like me. And as I have found someone like-minded like me, I am going to share my new find. And it's this cool and healthy snack brand called Graminway. You guys have to check out their snacks. They're yummy, flavoursome and healthy. It's literally your go-to for all kind of Indian snacks, pre-mixes and gourmet products. 

Because I personally love those chatpata Indian snacks, I'm digging into those first. My personal favourite soya, corn and ragi chips. A great alternative to munching those potato chips. Equally crunchy and yummy, promise! Apart from these, you can also opt for their trail mixes, bhakarwadi, ragi chivda and more. 

Oh, and they've got some cool options for pre-mixes as well. You can opt from their gluten-free cheela mix, dosa mix, millet pongal, johar upma, vegetable khichdi and instant oats. 

And if you're into healthy breakfast, go their granola or breakfast cereals. And lastly, for those boring meal days their pickles and flavourful masalas are here at the rescue. Expect mango pickle, chilli pickle, lemon pickle, rasam powder, peanut chutney powder and more. 

Their products starts at INR 99 and upwards. And for those favourite snacks, I mentioned above, you can buy them right here on our Shop. 


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