The Snack Company Has Nourishing Snacks For Health Nuts

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What Makes It Awesome

Snacks are a cultural movement now, aren't they? Mini-meals between meals are no more neglected halfway points, but destinations in themselves. After all, doesn't a luscious helping of Dark Chocolate Granola deserve a spotlight of its own? Doesn't the humble (yet nutritionally loaded) Multiseed Oat Cookie deserve more than a passing mention?

We've come to associate snacking with whole bags of chips, nachos with cheesy dips, and chocolates. But there's a world of snacks out there that manage to satisfy and nourish you, and here's exactly where The Snack Company is. Promising nostalgic flavours, healthy combos, and munchies that won't make you feel guilty, they've got more than the usual dry snacks - they've also got spices and spice mixes. A product that really caught our eye is the Filter Coffee cookie, which is obviously a match made in caffeinated heaven! The bonus? All their cookies are vegan-friendly too. You can order them on LBB!

Price: INR 110 and up


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