Sofa So Good: Your Living Room Will Love This Brand!

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What Makes It Awesome

The living room is one of the most important rooms in every home. That's where you chill with your family. It's the centre of attraction for most house parties. And it's basically what I'd like to call - the heart of the home. So, it also kinda deserves special attention compared to the other rooms. Be it the choice of sofa, the coffee table, the lamp hanging there in the corner, the walls, television unit - everything counts here. And Gulmohar Lane, an online chic home decor brand, will make sure you have the living room you've always dreamed off!

Now, I know that in most households, including mine too, major furnishing revamps are seldom and happen once in a while. Fair enough. But, a little window shopping (which might mean you adding a thing or two to the shopping cart) has never hurt anyone, right? From bright and pastel hues sofa sets to wooden armchairs - their collection has an array of styles for every type of home. I'll be talking more about their sofa collection, as that's what I'm in love with the most. Solid colours, printed and textured - their sofa collection got me to imagine how these would look in my living room. No, seriously! The pricing for their sofa collection starts from INR 26,000 and upwards - depending on the size, fabric and design you choose. I particularly loved one of their pastel blue sofa sets with floral print. It was so Victorian and chic. And is sure to brighten up that empty corner in your home. Got a tiny space? Well, opt for their sofa beds. That's the smartest choice! 

Got an empty space in your living room, but not huge enough for an entire sofa set? They've got these amazing wingback chairs that are so royal and chic. Pair these with any of your coffee tables, and there you go! You've got a cozy spot for your evening tea or coffee. Likewise, you can also check out their ottoman and pouffe collection. Again, max Victorian vibes. 

While I've been talking only about their sofa collection, they've got a lot more than that. Home decor, amazing chandeliers, wallpapers (which are legit, the epitome of luxury), dining tables, beds and lot more. I mean, I could just keep talking about their wonderful collection. 


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