Oh Honey! Here's Some Sweetness From The Wild Forests Of The Nilgiris

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Last Forest

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What Makes It Awesome

Natural, wild and local. These are the three words that perfectly summarise The Last Forest, a Nilgiri-based homegrown brand which specialises in honey. As the name suggests, this brand offers organic and natural products which are sourced from the resource-abundant and rich forests of Nilgiri. The good peeps at Last Forest are set on a mission to connect the indigenous communities and farmers, living in these forests, with the markets and larger cities. 

Their best-selling and most popular product is raw, natural and wild honey. In these communities, honey is harvested as a part of their centuries-old ritual. Hence, is made using traditional and sustainable methods passed on by their ancestors. You can expect flavours like the classic wild honey, cardamon honey, ginger, cinnamon, jamun, pepper, nutmeg, saffron, rosemary and thyme.   

Apart from honey, they're also offering an array of bee-wax (which would otherwise be thrown away) products like lip-balms, therapeutic balms, soaps, embroidered products, essential oils, spices, range of Nilgiri teas, jams & pickles, coffee, millets and more. Lastly, you can also call for their kitchen and home essentials like mugs, bowls, jars, diaries, trays etc. 

Their price range starts at INR 110 and upwards. 


Oh, and they've also got combos which make for amazing gifting options for your folks. You can shop their range of natural, raw honey right here on LBB.


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