24K Carat Gold Honey, Kashmiri Kahwa & More: Fields Of Kashmir Are Calling You!

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What Makes It Awesome

Organic Kashmir was born with the sole objective to bring the finest and natural products from the fields of Kashmir to our doorsteps.  Of course, if we're talking about Kashmir, there will be saffron. But let's get to that a little later.

They've got a great collection of authentic and organic honey. You can choose from their raw forest honey, tulsi white honey, cardamom honey, chai honey, ginger white honey, saffron blended honey and Himalayan white honey. These come at INR 400 and upward for 250 grams. They have even got super special honey which comes infused with 24K pure gold. I mean...WOW! This website really is full of surprises. Read ahead!

I particularly got interested in one thing they were offering - Morel Mushrooms. And these little things are expensive. Like really really expensive! They cost around INR 1,200 for just 30 grams. And a whopping INR 36,000 for 1 Kg. Yep. They're also called as Gucci mushrooms and is also one of the most desired ingredients by chefs worldwide. These are grown only in the wild, hence not everyone can access these. Apart from their great taste, they're also super healthy. Expect a little musky flavour.

Another speciality is, of course, the saffron. This includes Kashmiri mongra, Kashmiri lachha, Tilak saffron powder and Royal Iranian Nigeen Mongra. The price range of these start at INR 365 and upwards. 

Apart from these specialities, they've also got pure almond oil, soothing rosewater, ghee, walnut oil, Kashmiri Kahwa and almonds as well.


They deliver Pan-India and offer free shipping on orders above INR 999.