We've Found The Quirkiest Lamps & They'll Surely Brighten Your Home

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What Makes It Awesome

From all the home decor accents and accessories, lamps happen to be my favourite. Think about it! That small little thing can literally brighten your entire space and are instant mood lifters. And not to forget the amazing and pretty options available these days. My hunt for such quirky lamps led me to  Zwende, an online home decor and lifestyle brand.

Of course, I jumped right into their handcrafted lamps page. And I kid you not, you'd want to hoard all of them. From nature-themed ones to floral ones and from fine patterned ones to tropical-themed ones. - how do you not fall in love with these? The best part - they're all hand-painted. From table lamps, hanging lamps and leather ones to fabric ones, you can take your pick. 

Apart from lamps,  Zwende also offers other decor accents like wall plates, wall art hand-painted clocks, personalised nameplates and an array of homeware. Go crazy, really!  

Their decor collection starts from INR 600 and upwards. 


If you're not really looking for decor, you can also go through Zwende's stationery, travel accessories and other cute knick-knacks - it's a treat to the eyes, really! 


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