Embroidery Art, Rope Stools & More: Handcrafted Decor You Just Can't Say No To

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What Makes It Awesome

The good peeps at HandyCraft World are connecting the talented artists from India's rural areas to decor enthusiasts like me and you! And every time I see an initiative like this, my heart fills with joy. It's great to value and showcase the amazing talent that our country's artisans and craftspeople. From embroidery and bottle art to a bunch of upcycled products - HandyCraft is a paradise for home decor junkies. 

While they've also got jewellery and apparel, it's their home decor section that pulled me in. Quirky knick knacks are my favourite, so let's start with that. From vibrant blue closet-themed key holders to quirky mobile holders, and from cat-themed wall hangings to boot ceramic planters - add a bit of colour and vibrancy to your home with these. 

Apart from these amazing knick-knacks they've even got options for furniture, chairs, wall art and coffee tables as well. Their price collection starts from INR 2,000 and upwards. 


For those who love pottery and ceramics - they've got an entire section of just this. Expect lots of blue ceramic sets, vases, diffusers, lamps and more.   


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