Everything from pork to paya: here’s our list of the best meat-related shopping to do once you’re across the Sea-Link.

Mount Mary Cold Storage

Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB

Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB

Mount Mary is different from other local butchers. Nothing here is shrink-wrapped. They always seem to stock the largest and tastiest chops, ribs, hams, shoulders and bellies in town. The only caveat – for the best cuts you need to get their first thing in the morning, before the Goan aunties pick out all the good stuff.

Santé Delicatessen


Santé in Pali Naka are still the best place to pick up exotic and cured meat from all over Europe. Sure, the Foodhalls of the world are a tad cheaper, but where Santé wins is with their variety and the freshness. If you’re looking to indulge yourself on some great pancetta, jamon or Kiwi lamb chops, this is the place to sniff out.

#LBBTip: They also help you put together some great DIY sandwiches at the deli counter.

Modern Mutton Shop


At Modern, every visit begins with a wait in line. The ustaad then carefully handpicks a carcass and cuts off a joint, especially for you {there’s no curry cut rubbish here, unless he can sense you’re a mutton amateur}. He then politely enquires if you’ll need some additional pieces of nalli or charbi, before passing on the joint to his row of assistants who break down the joint into botis ready to packed into freezer ready parcels.

Also available is every form of bakra-related offal from bheja to paya, to gurda-kapura to even siri, that too on demand. They’ve even started making some great ready-to-fry seekhs and shammis for your next dinner party. The only catch with Modern and like with all things Bandra, they’re about 20 per cent pricier than the average Mumbai butcher.

Gulmohar Mutton Shop


Gulmohar is still one of the few old school butchers this side of town that continues to butcher their own bakras on location. Here, you’re dealing directly with the ustaad and him only. While this ensures freshness of meat, it does not in anyway ensure availability of a particular joint on demand.  If he’s run out of raan, you’ll have to wait till the next bakra is slaughtered. But if you have the time on hand and can wait, we promise that it makes for a much tastier biryani.

Poonam & Sangeetha Fish Stall


Ask any serious maachh eater in the area where they buy their fish and they’ll all mention the sisters. Popular with everyone from homesick Bengalis {Finely Chopped’s Kalyan Karmakar swears by their ilish} to local restaurants {BAD Café does some mean specials using their snapper and sardines}, this stall knows how to procure and butcher every kind of fish under the sun – and they charge almost half the prices of a Pescafresh or Cambay.

The best day for a visit is Saturdays as that’s when they stock a larger catch. Our recommendations – their alive and kicking mud crabs, the always fresh galda/freshwater chingri, and their perfectly-sized Red Snappers – great for grilling or roasting whole.

Joseph at Pali Naka


Joseph is still the best and freshest source of buff, aka undercut, in the area. Also, they’re one of few cold storages around Mumbai that still stock authentic, handmade {not the shrink-wrapped factory kind} rosary bead-like necklaces of Goan choriz.

Meghna Agro


If you can’t make the early morning rush at Chapel Street, Meghna Agro is your next best bet for some great pork chops or whole chickens for roasting. They’re just the right size, perfectly fatty and easiest thing to order in, when you want to prepare a simple yet meaty Sunday supper.

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB