This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Churning Some Amazing Nut Butter You've Gotta Try!

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Urban Mom

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What Makes It Awesome

Their mission is simple. Replacing daily junk snacks or spreads with a healthy alternative. And with this mission in mind, this mother-daughter duo started Urban Moms. Reduce your chip consumption and rather munch on healthy mixes. Their idea is to convert basic everyday ingredients into healthy and munchy snacks.

But what really drew us to this brand is their array of nut butter. We're talking beyond just the classic peanut butter, folks! Think oreo peanut butter, cinnamon-spiced peanut butter, choco almond butter, roasted almond butter, salt pepper cashew butter, and of course, hazelnut butter. All of these are handcrafted with love, natural ingredients and packed in glass jars (yipee, we can re-use them). Plus, most of these options are vegan and protein high. So, not sure why we'd still use those sugar loaded chocolate spreads. Their pricing starts from INR 220 for 160 grams. So, we're thinking why not eliminate your chocolate spread, and replace it with these nut butters?

Apart from the healthy butters, you can also opt for their nut and seed mixes as well. Ideal for those who love snacking between meals (and maybe almost anytime). They've got options like energy trail mixes, spiced nut mixes, seed crackers, seed mixes etc. This starts from INR 300 and upwards. 



They've also got gifting options with fun combos. Do check that out too!


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