Show Some Love: This Brand Makes Fine Jewellery For Pets

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Pet Jewellery

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What Makes It Awesome

Pet parents, this one's for you, with love. If you're looking to gift your favourite companion something unique and special, then we may have found just the brand for you: Pet Jewellery. Founded by Prerna Makhariaa, India's first jewellery influencer, Pet Jewellery combines two passions in one brand: a passion for fine, bespoke jewellery and of course, a love for animals too. 

With Pet Jewellery, Prerna fuels her considerable (think nearly two decades) of experience in the jewellery business as the founder of Style Prer, her training as a certified jewellery designer and her love and expertise for fine jewellery into a way to express love for one of the most important members of our families - our pets. The idea behind the brand is that our pets are our family and meant to be cherished with love, just like any other family member. To commemorate them after their passing or celebrate them while they are with us, just as Prerna's inspiration was her much-loved dog.

Prerna tells us that bespoke pet jewellery is a novel concept. Most of the accessories like tags and collars or bracelets that we get out there are made of brass or stainless steel, but the idea of fine jewellery for our pets - think 9-carat gold, 92.5 Silver or yes, brass but with a fine finish and customised design - is new. This is more than just buying a dog tag, it's about offering a truly customised experience, where every detail is carefully designed from the texture to the enamel and even the font. They specialise in custom tags, charms and accessories and if you want to twin with your pooch or kitty, they'll even make a matching set so you can do that. We hear they're also planning to launch a new collection or range every 6 months so there's something new and special to look forward to.

If you're wondering how much this experience will cost you, well, their minimum range for charms start at INR 2,500 and their bespoke pendants are priced around INR 4,700 all the way up to INR 15,000. Gold is priced as per the market rate and will vary as with any gold jewellery. GST is included in the price.They accept orders via DM and Whatsapp too, though a website is soon to launch. 

P.S. We love that they donate part of their proceeds to animal welfare too!

What Could Be Better

This is without a doubt a luxury experience. And just like any fine jewellery, it's a splurge. But also like any fine jewellery, it is something special that will last you for years to come and offer fond memories.


You can contact them directly in case you wish to customise your order. They'll get back to you with ideas and designs based on your requirements,