A Busy Couple? Stock Up Your Pantry With These Ready-To-Eat Sauces & Gravies

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What Makes It Awesome

Busy work schedule and just you alone (or your partner), makes cooking all the more discouraging. Which almost always compels you to either order a quick meal from outside or just make something super easy (& blah). Solution? You make DIY kits and ready-to-eat packet your new best friend. And in this industry, Spichi comes as a trust-worthy bud. (it's a short form for Spicy Chinese)! Their tagline - "Spichi products are made by chefs, for chefs" - pretty much sums up this homegrown brand's objective of making our lives 10 times easier. An e-store which specialises in ready-to-use sauces, bases, sauces, dips and more. From Indian to Oriental, these pastes are good to cook an array of cuisines at home. 

Think zesty flavours like Barbeque, peri peri, mirchi ka salan, dry chilli garlic, hot garlic paste, khao suey paste, kung pao paste, makhani paste, Manchurian, schezwan, siracha, stir fry paste etc. Each of these can be used to make lip-smacking dishes like pasta, korma, kofta, dal makhani, butter chicken, noodles and fried rice and many more. 

With their pricing starting at INR 99, it doesn't really burn a hole in your pocket. 


Apart from these pastes, they've also introduced ready-to-cook soups including tomato and sweet corn. So, enjoy these heart-warming bowls on a chilled or a rainy day. 


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