Men, Time To Splurge On Beautiful Cotton Shirts And Linen Pants To Beat The Heat

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What Makes It Awesome

With the temperatures continuing to stay on the higher end of the thermometer, natural clothing is beginning to take up more space in our wardrobes. Check out Pudu Lifestyle, a web portal of all things cotton and linen, that men should definitely swear by.

If you’re looking for breezy, warm-toned linen clothes that are perfect to beat the heat, or wear to a relaxed outing, your search ends here. Interestingly, so does your search for leather goodies – bags, wallets and more.

At Pudu, you can expect linen shirts starting at INR 1,395 and pants starting at INR 3,150. If that's not enough, you can score a good pair of shorts to go with your shirt starting at INR 2,495. You'll find a wide variety of options in terms of colors that are eye-catching and look and feel very comfy. If you're lucky, you'll chance upon a discount on your visit to the website and can buy items on your cart at slightly more affordable rates. 

They also have a fairly good collection of leather goodies such as car holders (INR 695 upward), vanity bags (INR 3,995), and duffel bags (INR 12,995) and more.


Stocking up on summer clothes in your wardrobe is not only a good idea, it is a great decision that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and easy too; so check out Pudu Lifestyle now.

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