Sustainable Decor, FTW: This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Here To Help!

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What Makes It Awesome

Both have a keen eye for any detail. Both love painting. And, both make great business partners. There was nothing stopping this mother-daughter duo to follow their passion. The final outcome? A fantastic local venture called Imarim! Kickstarted by Riti and Maanya Dhar, Imarim is your one-stop-shop for home decor that's quirky, sustainable and handmade. And their website is certainly a Disneyland for decor junkies like you and me. Head to their e-store and you'll be welcomed with a blast of bright colours, vibrancy and LOTS of good vibes. 

It all started with their hobby of transforming old home items into beautiful pieces of decor. And fast forward to now, they've got tons of quirky knick-knacks, home decor and accessories, handpainted and sustainble accents, wall art, cushion covers, furniture and lot more. So, they're legit marrying art and home decor. Of course, coupled with a touch of uniqueness to each piece of decor they create. Their collection is divided into home decor, cushion covers, wall art, furniture and on a budget (my favourite section on their website). 

And, brownie points for doing their bit for the planet and for encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. For instance, the fabric used for their collection is scrap. Pieces that would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

Their collection starts from INR 300 and upwards. You can place your order on their website or simply DM them on Instagram.