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Tisane: The Herbal Tea Which Is Currently Winning Hearts (& Soothing Souls)

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What Makes It Awesome

For those unaware, Tisane (pronounced as tee-zahn), can be considered as our tea's cousin. While it's not exactly a type of tea, but is often referred to as herbal tea which is a mixture of loose leaves, roots, seeds, fragrant herbs, spices, flowers and more. Not exactly a huge craze in India, but we've surely come across fans of this beverage. Nayantara from our edit team being one.

Non-caffeinated, medicinal and herbal, Tisane is known to reduce anxiety, prevent diseases and boosts sleep. And Soko Living is one such e-store which specialises in Tisane and is entirely dedicated to this magical beverage. Currently, they're offering five flavours, and you can pick the ones based the benefit you're looking to achieve from these. Their floral tisane called Lavomile Tisane includes ingredients like chamomile, lavender and mint. It's sure to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and healthy, and is laden with antioxidants. 

To leave you refreshing, their Genda tisane infused with lemongrass, marigold and coriander seeds is a must-have. A unique combination of floral and soothing aroma, their Gulab Hibiscus tisane, will not only make your morning brighter but will also leave you healthier in the long run. If you're not a fan of floral flavours, opt for the spice-infused option called Sab Spice Tisane. Known to boost immunity and also help with menstrual cramps, this tea will leave you warm on your sick days. It's infused with medicinal ingredients like turmeric, ginger, cumin seeds, black pepper and cinnamon.

Now, something for our coffee-loving buds. Indulge in their soothing lavender and gulab coffee with subtle taste of lavender, mint and rose.                           

Based on your taste, you can also opt for their combos which can be customised as per your choice. These come in packs of three, five and six. Their collection starts from INR 290 (for 35 grams). This can make up to 20 cups and is also inclusive of shipping charges. 


Well, if you've yet not tried this beverage, I'd say, give it a shot and elevate your inner calm.